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Library Corner

May 31, 2012

Sharing more of Riley's adventures

Our contest winning entries from local children continue this week and they feature a kid named Riley, and an eagle, a zebra, a cupcake, and a rocketship.

Payton, age 7

A Fun Time on Mercury

Once upon a time there was a kid named Riley. He lived on Saturn with an eagle named Emma, a zebra named Oliver, and an alien named Benny. Riley had a cupcake. He was going to Mercury. He wanted to go to Mercury really bad. The reason he wanted to go to Mercury was he wanted to see his cupcake melt. Riley did not have any rocket fuel. Then he started to cry. He invited Emma and Oliver. They tried to buy some, but the stores had mean aliens that worked there. They all started to get mad. Riley said "Hey! Let's go to Benny the alien." They all knew that Benny was a nice alien. Benny wanted to come, but they said no! They said no because it was too hot for him. Once they got to Mercury they cheered their cupcake melted. Then they went home and told Benny thanks. It was 12:00 a.m. on Saturn so they went to bed. The End.

Lucas, age 10

The Day of the Fair

There was a boy named Riley who was sleeping in his bed. Riley woke up. Riley said, "Today will be the best day ever." Riley said that because it was the day of the fair. Riley ate breakfast and then got dressed. The fair was in one hour, so Riley watched TV first. The he got ready to go. He got his shoes on and his jacket. And he got in the car. His mom drove him to the fair.

When they were there, Riley's mom gave Riley $15.00. Riley went to the Rocket Ship Roller Coaster and then Riley went to the Ferris wheel. He said they were fun because they were big and scary. Next he went to the snack bar. Riley got a cupcake and a hot dog. The cupcake had chocolate frosting with a soccer ball on top.

Riley finally went to the games. One of the games was where you get baseballs and throw the balls at the pin. Riley said it was fun because it was challenging. He hit the pin and won a stuffed zebra. Riley went home afterwards and saw a bald eagle in the sky. Riley was so tired he went to bed as soon as he got home.

Sarah, age 12

Riley and the Cupcake

Once there was an army kid named Riley. He went to NASA to see the rocket ship blast into space. Afterward, Riley was going to his car when an ugly eagle came down and gave him a strawberry cupcake.

Riley ate the delicious cupcake and he turned into a zebra with sunglasses on. Riley felt terrible because he was a zebra. He didn't know what to do. Riley couldn't go home because no one wanted him. He fell asleep in his garage.

The next morning Riley looked in the newspaper and saw an advertisement that was about a witch doctor that could change animals into humans. "One chance only! Please call this number: 205-bol." Riley called the number and went to the castle. There the witch doctor turned Riley back into human form like the way he was. Riley was so happy that he was back to being a boy. He learned never to eat a cupcake that an ugly eagle gives you.

Jordan, age 12

Riley was a little girl who loved rocket ships. She bought one with her own money and named it R.S. Riley. She rode and rode her rocket ship until her mother said "Riley time to come in!" Riley ran in the house and baked cupcakes. She packed them in a small tin and went to bed. The next day she put the tin in her rocket ship and went to the zoo.

Riley had always loved eagles and zebras for as long as she can remember. She saw a map of the animal enclosures and looked for eagles and zebras. She saw that the eagles and zebras were next to each other. She ran to the zebra enclosure and looked at it.

"Hey miss, do you have a cupcake?" asked the zebra. "Yes I do," said Riley, "would you like one?"

The zebra nodded. Riley wondered how the zebra could talk. She called her mother and said, "Mom the zebra can talk, listen." The zebra let a few words out and all Riley's mom heard was zebra noises. So Riley went to the eagle enclosure and looked at it. "Hey miss, do you have a cupcake?" asked the eagle. "How do you animals know if I have cupcakes?" asked Riley as she fed the eagle. She told her mom the eagle could talk but she thought Riley was full of baloney.

After Riley got home she had lunch and watched television. She thought it was very boring so she read a book. She read books about talking animals that eat cupcakes. She read those for a few hours and then had dinner and went to bed. That is the end of Riley's travels.

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Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday. Her columns can be found online at

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