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Library Corner

July 21, 2011

Hydraulic fracturing statement available

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has sent the Supplemental Generic Environmental Statement for High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing to the library for public viewing.

Individuals are encouraged to read this document to better understand the issues involving horizontal drilling and high-volume fracturing.

This copy is available at the circulation desk and is for use at the library.

The DEC also has this information posted on its website at where you can study it even further.

Instructions on how to submit comments and questions along with fact sheets are available on its website as well.

The first draft was issued in September 2009 and more than 13,000 public comments were received. Be informed in this highly controversial topic that can have an impact on our future.

New Books

If you are looking for plantings to fill in empty spots in your garden, take a look at "Growing Perennials in Cold Climates" by Mike Heger, Debbie Lonnee and John Whitman. More than 2,000 varieties that thrive in cold climates are featured. The perennials are rated using a five-star system, plants with brightly colored foliage are shown, and there's also a section on where to obtain hard-to-find varieties from mail-order sources. Color photographs of each plant are also included.

"The Girl in the Garden," Kamala Nair's debut novel is a family saga. Rakhee Singh was 10 when she an her mother visited her mother's ancestral home in India. Rakhee sees her relatives for the first time, has adventures with her three cousins, and learns the truth about why her mother left her childhood home. There are many secrets in this family that Rakhee learns over the summer and it will change her beliefs forever.

Sandy Sullivan is an expert at getting people's homes ready for sale in the novel "Best Staged Plans" by Claire Cook. She wants to put her family's home on the market and downsize. But her husband is dragging his feet, and her grown son has moved back home, thwarting her efforts. In the meantime, Sandy takes a job staging a boutique hotel in Atlanta, recently purchased by her best friend's boyfriend. After she arrives and starts working, she suspects that the boyfriend is cheating on her friend. That and other family situations make for a lively read.

Rushmore McKenzie is a former cop and sometimes works as a private investigator. His girlfriend's daughter asks for help with her father, because he is in serious trouble. It seems her father, Jason, went to a blues festival, blacked out and when he woke up, he was in a motel room with a dead girl on the floor. He left, but is now receiving texts with photos of the body along with demands for payments he can't make. Obviously, he's being set up in the novel "Highway 61" by David Housewright, but who's doing this and why?

No one ever leaves home in Katie Kacvinsky's novel "Awaken." Everything is done on computers, including going to school and dating. Maddie has always been OK with this, but now that she has met Justin, she's changing her mind. Justin likes people, likes being with them, and he tells Maddie that people are not meant to be alone. He's got Maddie wondering if there could be a different, better way to live.

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