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May 24, 2012

Kids' stories of Riley's adventures

We recently held a contest for children and asked them to write a short story. They had to tell us what an eagle, a zebra, a cupcake, a rocketship, and a kid named Riley had in common. We had 56 entries and several children in the area won prizes for their efforts. You'll read the grand prize winner's story and the other winning short stories over the next three weeks.

Grand Prize Winner

Dylon, age 11

Riley's Rocket Ride

"Happy birthday!" everyone yelled to Riley as he walked into his house after school last Thursday. He was so surprised to see his whole family there! His aunt and uncle, sister and brother, plus his mother and father! He was so pleased. He was so glad they remembered and a smile spread across his face!

"Thanks," he said, "I'm so glad you're here. How are all of you?"

"It doesn't matter how we are," his mom said. "How are you?"

"Fine, I thought you all forgot. That's all." He sat down in a chair and his mother brought him over a cupcake. It had one candle sticking out of it in the shape of the number twelve. It was his twelfth birthday. He was so happy. He blew out the candles and wished to see new things. He ate the cupcake in two bites! It was so good!

"Well," his mother asked, "is it good?"

"Delicious!" he replied. He was so happy when his brother broke in.

"I have a present out back for you. Want to see?"

"Yes!" Riley blurted out and everyone rushed out into the backyard to see a model rocket ship! It was so cool! Riley ran over to it and hugged.

"Thanks bro! I love it," but while he was hugging the rocket, it shot up and he was still in a tight grip. He flew up into the sky with his rocket, the cupcake he had just eaten churning in his stomach. He flew up and up and was almost level with the clouds when an eagle zoomed by and whacked Riley right in the head turning the rocket sideways.

Riley was scared to death and wasn't sure if he was ever going to get home again. He had no clue where he was as he zoomed across the skies. Then he started to land. It took several minutes but he finally landed next to a striped horse. He had no clue what it was at first but then he recognized it.

"A zebra?" Riley asked. He had only seen a zebra once before and that was when he visited a zoo around the corner. He saw a giraffe and ginormous trees. He was walking on sandy soil.

"Where am I?" Riley wondered. Then suddenly a door opened next to where he was standing and his parents ran in. Riley's parents said they chased the rocket and that he had only gone to the zoo. He was so glad to be close to home. He hugged his parents and said he loved them. He had actually flown and seen an eagle for the first time.

This had been his best birthday ever!

Lexi, age 6, wrote this winning story:

A zebra and a girl named Riley, went to a store and bought two cupcakes. There was so much sugar in the cupcakes that when they ate them they blew up in the air like a rocket ship. On their way to the stars, they bumped their heads on an eagle's nest. The eagle got angry and chased after Riley and the zebra. She chased them all the way to the moon. When they got there, the aliens were playing Wii party, so the eagle, the zebra, and Riley played with them. They played the game "Battle" and Riley, the zebra and the eagle won. The eagle was so happy that she laid an egg. It cracked open and a baby eagle came out and she named it Chirpy Chirp. A soon as the baby was able to talk, she asked for a cupcake. On the moon cupcakes grow like flowers so her mom picked one for her. When she ate it, her whole body began to shake. It shook the whole moon. Then she went up in the air like a rocket ship and landed on Earth. Then the mommy eagle, zebra, Riley and the aliens jumped in a rocket ship to chase after the baby. When they landed on Earth, they landed right near the baby eagle. They were so happy that they found the baby eagle, that they had a party. But this time they said let's forget about the cupcake and have a Pop Tart instead.

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