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March 29, 2014

A Word of Advice: A case for optimism

Take a moment, young teenager, and scroll down your Facebook page, and keep a tally of how many positive posts you see compared to the number of negative ones.  

It really is unfortunate that for a lot of people, being happy is an occasion and not a lifestyle, and being in the dumps or “meh” is a neutral emotion most people at this age. Aren’t we depriving ourselves of potential appreciation of good things by moping around thinking everything’s all bad? I’m a firm believer that happiness can’t come to you unless you’re expecting to find it.

“Lightening up” is an expression that can actually take on a double meaning if you think about it. In addition to “lightening your mood” it can also let you see and appreciate things you never did before. The weather, the nice thing your friend did for you today, the dog you pet on the street — all of those things can turn from happenstance to daily highlights with the right attitude. 

Chinning up can make you have new opportunities, too. Typically people with a good attitude are seen as attractive and friendly, and your optimism will rub off on others as well, making them feel good just for being around you! 

In baseball, coaches will tell you to look where you want the ball to go when pitching it. Well, life tends to work in the same way. A “can-do” attitude is given that name for a reason; it allows you to do things you set your sights on. By thinking you can actually do something, it makes you more confident in executing the steps you need to get there and makes other people think you can do it, too, leading to more people becoming supportive of your goal. “Can-do” goes far enough that some medical studies have shown that patients with a more positive outlook tend to make out better than those who feel impending doom. So, as cookie-cutter as it sounds, believe in yourself so other people can, too.

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