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October 19, 2013

As Time Goes By: Scruples in short supply among lawmakers

The other day, a friend and I were talking about what has happened to our lawmakers, and gridlock. I said offhand that several years ago I felt the urge to run for office. He quickly interjected that I would make a lousy politician.

What? A lousy politician? I asked “Why?” My friend replied that I had “too many scruples.”

Too many scruples? What the heck is a scruple? I took my new mini iPad (from Diane) and Googled “scruple.” Like so many things on computers today. I got more information than I needed. 

After reading from a number of learned sources, I figured out that scruples were a vague feeling of conscience that helps keep you on the narrow path of honesty, decency, apple pie and the American way. I breathed a sigh of relief — at least scruples weren’t something that was contagious. (Maybe they should be?)

Pinocchio was given a conscience by the Blue Fairy. I realized that there might be folks out there that would like to experience a vague feeling telling them what was right or wrong. So how can you tell if you have no scruples?

If you get elected to official office to represent the will of the people and spend most of the time doing nothing, you might have no scruples.

If you can take home a substantial salary and then have additional financial perks added to it and you have no vague feeling that you should do some work to earn it, you might have no scruples.

If, months before Election Day, you send out a glossy four-page brochure extolling all the wonderful things you have accomplished when in truth the things you did accomplished didn’t amount to a hill of beans, you might have no scruples.

If you are in a position of public trust and use that trust to take pictures of your nether parts and post them on Facebook, you might have no scruples.

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