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November 9, 2013

A Word of Advice: Used properly, the power of persuasion is strong

Persuasion is often viewed as a dirty thing in our modern-day society, like you’re being unhonorably sly by trying to get someone to do something or think a certain way. However, in the modern, world it’s typically the best and most efficient way of getting what you want. There are do’s and don’ts to persuasion and coercion just like anything; lines you can’t cross and whatnot.

It’s better to start with persuasive skills before going into the ethical limits of persuasion. The key to persuasion is appearing to be casual the entire time while talking to whoever, or as many call it, “keeping your cool.”  If you’re trying to tell your teacher that your pooch consumed your schoolwork, they won’t believe you when you’re shaking out of your sneakers and sliding around in your own sweat. The best thing to do is mentally convince yourself what you’re saying is almost true, or just not think about it as you say it. This way, it’ll be harder for whomever you’re tricking to see through your bluff. In addition, throwing in arbitrary details with your false alibi make your story seem more well-rounded and realistic. For example, which sounds more legitimate? “My dog ate my homework” or “My dog ate my homework; it was terrible. We had to take Scruffy to the vet. He’s gonna be away for three days getting checked out. Didn’t quite digest right …” I think my point is clear.

That was all mostly about trying to convince somebody things that aren’t true; however, arguments are typically stronger (and more respectable) for things that are true. One thing somebody has on his side when trying to persuade somebody to side with a certain position on something or something of that nature is cold, hard facts. Stating facts in a real debate, or when trying to get somebody to side with you, is important, as well as pulling said facts from reliable sources such as unbiased news sources, as opposed to, say, a random Youtube video. 

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