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March 23, 2013

Looking Back: Shopping just isn't the same when you get older

Many older folks are just tired out from the old age syndromes of aches and pains along with the dreary winter dull-drums.

I can truthfully attest to that statement since when I was chatting with one of my medical attendants, “So what are we, older folks still able to enjoy but to —? and she humorously cut me off to interject,”— eat at restaurants!” (We both had a few giggles over that because both of us could lose a few pounds.)

Enjoying a quiet, peaceful atmosphere to relax in and just to be waited on with courtesy and delicious well-cooked fare — all that is truly a delight. But there are the “buts.”

Seniors with fixed incomes generally look for special places with the special prices. 

Large portions can be halved, doggie-bagged, and brought home for another meal or a person can often order from the “child’s menu.” All at a savings.

“A penny saved is a penny earned,” as my grandmother used to say. Today there has to be a lot of penny-pinching with the economy the way it is.

Another old time saying is, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” That is so true for there have been times that my husband and I had to just leave an establishment — walk in, turn around and leave. Sad.

Personally speaking, I appreciate a well-kept, clean restaurant and a thoughtful waitress who caters to your every need. In fact not too long ago while I was happily munching on some gooey hot wing,s our perceptive waitress observed my coming problem and made sure we had extra napkins. Nice.

My mom always emphasized Emily Post’s acceptable etiquette: No licking your fingers!

That was years ago when buffalo wings most likely were unheard of, or not as popular.

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