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March 30, 2013

A Word of Advice: Make your building blocks positive ones

One block, two block, three block, the world around you building you up. Each block is a new strength, a new experience, a new lesson of life. It’s a nice tower — pretty tall, elegant and intricate in nature. Towers are nice and all, but we’ve all played Jenga, we know what happens when you jostle a piece too hard. Down the tower goes. 

People are towers. You can spend a lifetime building yourself up to see it all go bad within a moment. We see it a lot in one of the most volatile periods in our lives, adolescence. 

 We may as well all face it, high school is the first point in our lives in which our actions are recorded in stone. When out in the big, scary adult world, sitting down in that not-so-cozy chair, sweating through your nice shirt at a job interview, this is the time they’ll first look at, as we’re young adults, to judge us as people. We mess up now and it’s going to take a lot to make people forget about it. This is why it’s so important to keep our heads up about messing up. The age of “it was only a mistake” is basically over, like it or not.

 Now, when we think about what often happens with people that makes them do this crazy stuff, we think about drugs, kids, some people even say media. I, for one, think a person needs another person to truly change, as we people are no more than social pieces of clay. 

This can be a really intricate issue, as especially in high school our old friends from the playground do quite a bit of changing, just as we do. They often go down the wrong path, skipping class, neglecting their studies, or whatever other hoodlumry they may be up to. These are what I like to call toxic friends. 

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