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August 10, 2013

Looking Back: There is a way to rub tarnish off the golden years

The Daily Star

---- — This part of a lifetime in this world of ours today is one I never experienced before, and I never understood what my “old age” would entail. 

Who really does at a younger age? Did I really believe the misnomer of “Golden Years”? It seems I did.

Great, I thought, looking back at all the media advertisements for retired folks: Plan ahead for intriguing travels, cruises with everyone doing the energetic cha-cha-cha. There is always sun in the sky and crystal blue waters beckoning gray-haired couples to just stretch out lulling on the white sandy beaches or scuba diving with all the multi-colored creatures of the sea. Then there were green manicured golf courses and perfect weather to go along with a perfect par. Everyone is happy with active grandchildren just waiting to take their hand and include them in all of their doings: Running, jumping, swinging and just enjoying life. 

Everyone is happy. Everyone is content. There is peace and perfection.

Can we really believe all this?

It all seems like one big “pipe dream” now, because skimpy bathing suits certainly aren’t for us older folks when we really need some thing like a drawstring sack from chin to toe. Just catching our breath and putting one foot in front of the other when upright is a surprising fete not to mention all the chores of housework staring us in the face. 


And by the way what ever has happened to the little nest egg to cover all of the above?

Reality is reality. Some days are better then others but at least I really try to work with what I have regardless of all the “old age” hurts and aches, tiredness and irritability, ups and downs etc., etc.

But all kidding aside there must be something better to look forward to. Perhaps that’s why many of us older folks look at the possibility of that “fountain of youth” in a glorious Utopia or heaven with streets of gold and even to the point of trying all the advertising pills to cure whatever the ailment. We can all dream away with unrealistic expectations because there’s no “fix-it” pill for old age and the TV hype with all the PR promises is one big misleading scam for that ever-sought-after d-o-l-l-a-r! Maybe something, somewhere will get us through all this? 

Sad to say all this interjection can lead an aging human to disillusionment to the point of so many disappointments that can cause serious depression. No one wants that in his or her life. Don’t we all want to be happy, even though our lot is not what we expected? So we have to rely on promises that are truthful because an empty promise certainly can undermine the origin of it. Where do we look, or better yet, where did I look for a hope of something better?

I don’t want to be a preachy person. I dislike that. But if you really believe that you can help someone by giving them information so they can benefit themselves as it has benefited youm why not do it or at least try? Neighbor love and concern should be something global and if we all help each other then don’t you think we would have a better planet to live on?

That seems like an impossibility especially so with the human race being the way it is, must I reiterate? 

The answer seems to be to petition a higher power with the strength, capability, understanding and complete justice — all based on the godly quality of love. That seems too good to be true but this has been promised. 

Biblical prophecies have been proven reliable There are countless ones relating to a future that solves all of our human problems. Oh, happy day! Something to look forward too and that is exactly what I’m working on: I must be patient along with acquiring stronger faith to have that “expectation of things hoped for” as stated at Hebrews 11:1 in everyone’s Bible.  

Elaine W. Kniskern is a 80-year-old resident of Schenevus and a grandmother of five. She can reached at ‘Senior Scene’ columns can be found at www.