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November 30, 2013

Looking Back: Pinch your pennies, especially by reading the fine print

Penny pinching is just that — pinching pennies. The worsening economy is something that is reflected on so many, many faces: Unhappiness, irritability and just plain “I don’t know what to do … what’s next? All is so unbelievable!!

Tempting are the advertisements for “freebies.” Try this and try that when you receive a “free” bottle of whatever. Sounds fair? But beware … always read the fine print and rereadit! That’s a real eye opener.

I’m one for the free trial method of trying a new product especially with all the fantastic promises, but beware — again, read the small print.

A “pop-up” on my computer offered a “free bottle.” Sounded like a good deal, OK — push the button and list your name and address. OK — now list your credit card number.

(OOOPs … red light just flashed on.] Why the credit card if the offer is “free”?

“$$ shipping and handling applies” so says the small print — but read the rest!

I couldn’t believe my eyes: “by accepting the free bottle you will be enrolled in our Super Saver Program, locking in the low price — you will receive 3 bottles every 90 days — andyou don’t have to worry about missing a day — your credit card will be charged etc., etc.”

Oh, happy day!!

I did my math and guess what? The so-called “freebie” led to a commitment of more than $100 every three months.

So be the “free” offers, but when you look at the whole picture: Advertising costs money!

To recoup the money spent then the bucks come from the buyer: You.

Is honesty a thing of the past? Perhaps, at times, it was never fully adhered to or maybe I never really fully appreciated the sterling quality of honesty when I saw it. Now I certainly do.

How do some folks feel when they have been taken unjust advantage of? Neighbor love is so neglected on so many levels. I am sometimes very disappointed in the human race.

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