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October 20, 2012

As time Goes By: Life's illusions loom large in the political arena

When I looked up “illusions” in my thesaurus I found: “figment of the imagination, deception, fantasy, day dream, sensation, and trick.” I summed it all up with “an illusion is nothing more than feeling or seeing something that isn’t there.”

As senior citizens we think we have seen it all but now more than ever before, we must be aware of the things we think we see when in reality there is nothing there but hot air and yes, I did think of politicians when I wrote that.

Illusions come in all shapes and sizes. You all recall the “pitch” for having a lottery? All the money that wasn’t claimed went to support and augment education. Dream on!

How about the illusion regarding Social Security? “Don’t worry, senior citizen, Social Security will last forever.” Hah!

Illusions are everywhere — even politicians who claim to represent the will of the people in matters of state are usually speaking from an orifice other than their mouths. (If you are thinking about the voice being muffled you are on the right track.)

Politicians for years have felt that money could cure anything. They think that more money will buy peace or minimally at least some thankfulness for our largesse.

America is the United States because there were people who fought to make this happen. The colonists fought the British, the North fought the South. We fought in two World Wars to keep our freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. It was backed up with human lives.

We have prevented many nations from being swallowed up by a jealous aggressor who was crossing boundaries with guns, tanks and airplanes. All these events were crucial to creating this great nation where we are today.

You can’t give freedom away to anybody — it must be won with blood sweat and tears before it has any value. Too many lives, men and women have been taken because we have been fighting other people’s battles.

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