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May 25, 2013

A Word of Advice: How to become an 'alpha' male

This one’s for the lads and gents, maybe the ladies, too, if they’d care to eavesdrop on this man-to-man I’m about to lay down on the male readership. 

So boys, how alpha are you? What does it mean to be “alpha,” a cut above, leader of the pack? How does one obtain the alpha essence? Other than climbing Mount Everest on hands and feet and wrestling a bear on the mountain’s peak, you can do a few things to prove yourself as a guy of high stature. 

There are misconceptions though, sometimes ones that can confuse being a strong guy with being a jerk, which can prove very negative to how others see you, and will probably be unfulfilling for you in the long run.

So what does the leader of the herd do to show his strength? Protect others even before himself. This conflicts with media portrayal of the alpha male, which can sometimes use others close to them for his own gain, seemingly tapping the spirits of others to elevate his. 

Using women and destroying those below him seems pretty destructive to the interests of the group (or in a more practical wording, community). While the alpha may be a highly competitive beast who fights for things once in a while to stay on top, once he leads the pack, he holds empathy for the other beings in it as well.   

Moving away from the animal side of things, no leader in the modern world gets around by knocking everyone else around him down. Even the baddest of dictators had their supporters. To expand the concept of social dominance beyond that of top and bottom, we can look into the different ways people can get on top. You have your leaders, and then you have your aggressors; or, for lack of a better more-relatable word, bullies.   

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