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April 24, 2014

Major faults revealed by spring

We have, for whatever strange reason, been hit by the spring cleaning bug. For us this is most unusual but we guess we have reached the point where we well realize it time for some of our stuff to go. For example, we attacked a bureau which lives in our family room only to discover that the top drawer was completely full of VCR tapes. Talk about being behind the times. We suspect we had hit pay dirt on that. And what exactly does one do with VCR tapes these days. Some of ours are commercially produced films, including the complete set of “I, Claudius.” Others are all sorts of things both taped from the television and recorded with a VCR camera.

As we read through the titles, we realized that a lot of them could probably be trashed. But some of them are, in our opinion, rather special such as a partial taping of one of the he-we’s walking tours and football films from the wee-we’s final season at CCS. One simply cannot throw such things out lightly. And, of course, we do still own a VCR which is hooked up to one of our many TVs so we could actually watch these tapes. But logic tells us that we might be better served if we were to somehow transfer the VCR tapes to a more modern, and hopefully lasting, media. That, however, leaves us in quite the quandary as to just how we might accomplish such a feat.

We also decided, as we looked about the family room, that we have a jardiniere crisis which we can directly relate to the pack rat mentality that has flourished so well for so many years in the Ellsworth household. We have no problem with the jardinieres that are serving the useful function of holding a number of our houseplants. And we do have a certain fondness for those jardinieres which have been in the family for years. But the jardinieres lined up like so many tin soldiers under the coffee table really didn’t seem to be serving a particularly useful purpose.

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