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April 24, 2014

Major faults revealed by spring


Thus we decided it was certainly time to find them new homes. Some were put into service by plants which did not have their very own jardinieres. But some have found themselves being donated to a good fund raising cause. And several more are in waiting for the same treatment down the road. We found it to be rather freeing to think that our stuff was in line to become someone else’s stuff. And we think we can say without doubt that the wee-we is absolutely delighted to think that any of our stuff could become someone’s else’s, instead of his, problem down the road.

This is not to say, however, that we have cured our pack rat thinking. In fact, as we were working the other day on a crossword puzzle, it became abundantly clear that our decision to definitely do the newspaper crossword puzzle on a daily basis has gone horribly awry. Granted we have dutifully cut the crossword out each day and placed it carefully into a designated manila folder. What we haven’t done is to actually do the crossword puzzle every day, a fact that was brought into focus when we realized the crossword puzzle we are currently working on is dated January 15th of this year.

Now we realize that crossword puzzles don’t take up anything close to space required by VCR tapes and jardinieres. But that does not mean that hoarding them is any less of a problem. Thus we have currently undertaken the task of doing three crossword puzzles a day in hopes that eventually, sometime, we will catch up. Of course, the real question to be answered is whether or not once that happens we will be able to keep up. Quite frankly, we are thinking the answer will probably be no.

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