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October 15, 2012

New Zealand show to feature Hartwick art

By Denise Richardson
The Daily Star

---- — The play of light on everyday scenes can be a creative tool, photographer Nevin Price-Meader, a Hartwick College art major, said Sunday.

His photograph titled “Light” is among student artworks accepted in a juried show that opens this week in New Zealand.

The exhibition will feature photographs created and printed in alternative formats, Katharine Kreisher, professor of art at the Oneonta college, said. About 25 to 30 pieces created by 10 students in her advanced photography class have been accepted into the exhibition, she said.

The show, “Alternatives Relocated” in Whanganui, New Zealand, opens Tuesday and runs through Oct. 25, a media release from Hartwick College said. The 10 Hartwick upperclass students exhibiting works are Valerie Herz, Evan Jones, Shahzad Khan, Michelle O’Dell, Caitlin Rejman, Michaela Shipman, Emilie Solandt, Paula Short, Taylor Fusco-Ruiz and Price-Meader.

This year, the annual international exhibit called for pictures produced with unique cameras and processes, including pinhole photographs and images made with “toy” plastic cameras such as “Dianas” and “Holgas,” the release said. The renderings could be giant mural prints with hand-painted elements, photo-collages or the result of “antique” processes such as cyanotypes and Van Dyke brown prints.

Kreisher said the alternative processes expand the photographic medium and enables students to manipulate and experiment with images during photographic or printing work. The results offer a variety of emotional tones or appearances different from photographs taken, for instance, as family snapshots or portraits, she said.

Price-Meader said he tends to manipulate images within a camera, and in the case of “Light,” he shot two pictures on top of each other with black-and-white film. Alternative techniques can aid in creating a photograph with an aura of mystery and an artwork that invites the viewer to think about more than the image presented, he said.

Price-Meader, 28, said he took seven years off from his college education for personal and financial reasons. As he prepares applications for graduate school, he said, being part of an international exhibition is an exciting development.

The pieces submitted by Hartwick students were completed over the past two-and-a-half years under the tutelage of resident artists and alumni Annie Gohde ‘01, Kevin Gray ‘01 and Kreisher, a media release said.

The exhibition also reflects a cultural and educational exchange.

Nine years ago, Kreisher began a sabbatical from teaching at Hartwick by going to New Zealand for a month, during which she assisted Rita Dibert, head of photography at the Universal College of Learning Quay School of Art, in teaching a course in alternative processes.

For a decade, Dibert has been running the international “Alternatives Relocated” exhibition with her students acting as jurors for the show. Dibert taught photography and printmaking at Hartwick College in the 1970s, after which she taught in Charlotte, N.C., before joining the Quay School of Art in Whanganui.

The majority of the work by Hartwick students will be donated to the Collection at the Quay School, where it will be viewed on an ongoing basis by students and other audiences, the release said. Kreisher said an “Alternative” show previously was exhibited at Hartwick.

“It’s a really good culture exchange,” she said.