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October 26, 2012

Area man has hand in horror film

By Denise Richardson
The Daily Star

---- — Interested in a horror film that takes place in Antarctica?

Joel Plue has a suggestion: “South of Sanity.’’ As executive producer, Plue is responsible for distribution of the film, which is being released in time for Halloween.

First-time filmmakers Kirk Watson and Matt Edwards take viewers to “a place where no horror film has gone before — Antarctica,’’ he said in promotional materials.

“South of Sanity’’ has gleaned “huge press coverage in the United Kingdom’’ and has been picked up media attention in North America, said Plue, whose day job is as a machine operator at Mold-A-Matic Corp. in Oneonta.

“South of Sanity’’ is billed as the first fictional movie to be entirely filmed on the world’s least-populated continent, according to a Time Newsfeed online article that discussed previous films with fictional story lines shot on Hollywood sound stages.

The British horror film focuses on 14 people, isolated for nine months at an Antarctic research base, who disappear, the article said.

The film was shot by Watson, a British documentary filmmaker with six years of experience in the Antarctic, who worked on the horror movie during time off on nights and weekends while at the Halley Research Station, a base maintained by the British Antarctic Survey, the article by Patrick Boehler said.

Watson and Edwards have made an outstanding achievement in the indie horror film genre, Plue said.

Plue said he was looking for a film project and began talking to Watson in March about distributing “South of Sanity,’’ which had been completed. They decided Halloween would be a good “release date,’’ Plue said.

And these days, distribution is largely digital, Plue said Thursday during a telephone interview.

“South of Sanity” is available on DVD and costs $19.99 from, which produces the film on demand when ordered, the company website said, with one-day shipping is available.

Plue also plans to take the film to iTunes in early 2013 along with Amazon Instant Video, Flixscene and Xbox Live.

Plue, 25, said his role as executive producer has led him to another opportunity. He is making his directorial debut as a co-director with his mother, Lori Kelly-Bailey, of “Terror Incognita,’’ another horror film based in Antarctica.

Plue said his goal is to create an “Antarctica movement’’ by working with people who work and live there. Documentaries have shared the lives of penguins and glaciers, he said, but the natural landscape has “much more to offer’’ in newly created fictional films.

Cinematography for “Terror Incognita’’ will be by Watson and Anthony Powell, whose documentary work has appeared in Discovery programs.

Plue’s film credits include producer for “Mineville,” featuring Paul Sorvino, Bill Sadler and Nick Wechsler and writer for “Silent But Deadly,” starring Jason Mewes. He also is author of a children’s book, “Jacob and the Gnome,’’ which was published earlier this year, and he plans to make the story into an animated feature.

Plue works as a machine operator at Mold-A-Matic, a manufacturer on River Street in Oneonta that produces plastic parts for the U.S. Army and other companies worldwide.