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February 21, 2013

Facebook pages join search for New Berlin woman

The Daily Star

---- — The search for missing mother Jennifer Ramsaran involves a tale of two Facebook pages, both having the stated goal of solving the mystery and both claiming to offer the most reliable forum for public dialogue in a case that has so far stumped police investigators.

Ganesh “Remy” Ramsaran, the missing woman’s husband, helped set up one of the pages — “Jennifer L. Ramsaran - Missing Person.”

The other page — “Help Find Jennifer Ramsaran” — is being facilitated anonymously. It has included a number of posts from individuals who have suggested using billboards and organizing public searches for the 36-year-old New Berlin mother of three young children. The second site has also included posts that questioned whether Ganesh Ramsaran is fully committed to locating his wife.

Contacted by The Daily Star, Ganesh Ramsaran argued the “Help Find Jennifer Ramsaran” page has done more to harm the investigation than to aid it.

He also voiced annoyance that his mother-in-law, Carol Renz, has posted comments on the “Help Find Jennifer Ramsaran” page.

“The bottom line is these are strangers on the Internet,” he said. “They know nothing about the case and don’t know us personally. They have stolen pictures of my wife and my kids, and they like to sling mud. It has impacted my kids.”

A person familiar with the operation of “Help Find Jennifer Ramsaran,” who asked not to be named, said Ganesh Ramsaran was asked to join forces with that page, but he declined the invitation. The person acknowledged that photographs of Jennifer Ramsaran were utilized on the site after they were gleaned from her public Facebook page. Ganesh Ramsaran has since restricted access to his wife’s page by changing the Facebook settings to private.

The case has also attracted the attention of a website focused on criminal mysteries and missing persons cases —

Ganesh Ramsaran said he remains cooperative with police investigators. While police have said they have not ruled out the possibility his wife met foul play, Ganesh Ramsaran said, “There is no reason for me to believe that my wife has been harmed in any way.”

Asked if there were any life insurance policies on his wife, Ganesh Ramsaran, a project manager for IBM, refused to respond, other than to say, “The police have that information.”

The person involved with “Help Find Jennifer Ramsaran” Facebook page said the site is dedicated to keeping her disappearance in the public eye, with the hope of generating leads that will ultimately lead to answers to the many questions spawned by the case.

The person noted the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office has yet to hold a press conference regarding the disappearance. “The silence has been deafening,” the person said.

Sheriff Ernest Cutting Jr. said the investigation remains active. He declined to comment on Ganesh Ramsaran’s statement that his investigators are knowledgeable about the status of any life insurance policies that may have been taken out on Jennifer Ramsaran.

The sheriff did say that investigators have still not received the cellular telephone records for the iPhone Jennifer Ramsaran had been using. Ganesh Ramsaran, who located the phone for police using a phone application with GPS tracking technology, has indicated she sometimes used her phone to play online games with strangers.

Ganesh Ramsaran said his wife had always been a devoted mother to their three children, although he added: “Her character did change over the last six or nine months.”

When asked to elaborate on that remark, he said, “I’ll leave it at that.”