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November 1, 2013

Meet the candidates: Brett Holleran

The Daily Star

---- — Brett D. Holleran

Age: 40.

Occupation: High school Spanish teacher, owner of Deer Haven Campground & Cabins.

Political Party: Republican.

Why are you running for the Oneonta Town Board?

I am Oneonta – being born and raised here, I was afforded a great education, provided many opportunities and taught the framework for a successful future. It is time to give back to the community. I chose to purchase a home in the town, to raise my family in the town and I have invested in the town by opening a business here. I want to help make Oneonta a community my children will want to stay in and my parents can afford to stay in.

What is your position on hydrofracking?

I am against hydrofracking. I am one of the 1,200 town residents who signed the clean water petition against hydrofracking, and I am a part of the majority of town respondents who did not want to see hydrofracking occur in the town. I have put my feelings into useful actions by participating in the authoring of the town Comprehensive Plan. I helped author and voted with the committee to write the strictest verbiage that would protect our water sources and keep fracking-related activities out of our watersheds.

How do you think the town should approach economic development and how should development be managed or monitored?

I am unhappy with the economic development in the town. The town has missed some wonderful opportunities due to a lack know-how. I would like to see the town hire a manager whose duties would include marketing; working with the Otsego County Industrial Development Agency and SUNY Oneonta; accessing local, state, and federal financial resources and incentives such as revolving loan funds, tax credits, training grants; site and building selection; labor market, job training and industry support resources; referrals to service and economic development professionals; coordination with railroads and utility companies as well as local communities.

What are your views on Southside Oneonta in regard to economic development and to the proposed water district? Should the town have accepted the city’s offer to tap into the city’s water system?

A water district on Southside will create more opportunities for economic development. It is my understanding that the city’s offer was not as cost effective for either the town or the end user. My concern is the city’s repeated requests for a merger and that they could use this as a way to force to us to merge.

The city of Oneonta has been urging talks about more shared services if not a city/town merger. What is your position on this issue?

We should continue with shared services where appropriate and cost-effective. We should share services wherever and whenever there is a duplication of service. I do not feel the town/city should merge. The town constituency has made it clear that it does not want to pursue merger talks, and I agree.