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February 23, 2013

You Said It!

The Daily Star

---- — Preston worked hard for record

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, Ray Preston became the coach with the most wins in high school girls basketball for New York state.

How does this happen in a small, rural school that does not have large numbers of athletes to draw from? For Ray, the answer is in doing four things well: know the game; work hard in all aspects of coaching; have program discipline; and develop a strong respect for others throughout the program.

Knowing Ray for many years, he always blamed losses on poor coaching and carried himself in a professional manner on and off the court.

Congratulations, Ray. Your friends are proud of your accomplishments and I know your great family is, too.

Jack Nagle, Worcester

Refs should improve their game

I’d like to address officiating in the Tri-Valley League. I’m a parent of a local varsity girls basketball player and attend 15-plus games a year.

After watching the area championships Saturday at Oneonta State, I found a dynamic present that I’ve seen in stark contrast throughout this season and many others — especially in the Milford-Morris boys final.

It seems we have two levels of officials out there on any given night. There are those who know the game and take their jobs seriously and there are those who do not. This difference was ever apparent during this championship game.

The three referees seemed to be there more for the paycheck than to fairly call the contest. The entire gymnasium seemed baffled several times as to how these three officials “butchered” what was, in most cases, the most important game for these young men.

These guys called travel on players who stood still, they forgot who they called a foul on and who to give the ball to, and they missed obvious hacks throughout. Then they had the audacity to laugh after making these mistakes.

These poor young men had a championship contest they worked so hard throughout the season to get to ruined by a choppy performance by the “guys in black and white.”

I know it looks much easier than it is, but we need to hold our officials to a much higher standard. Officials should care about the service they provide and bring focus and pride to every game.

Some referees never played basketball and aren’t students of the game. Should the job requirements be at a higher level? Should we look for additional qualities when staffing officials next season?

Those who understand the game and consider themselves “experts” should be on the floor.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Kyle Smallin, Mount Vision

JV boys at CV-S a true team

I have never seen a team play more like a family than the Cherry Valley-Springfield JV boys.

This team, consisting of two ninth-graders and 10 10th-graders, has more heart and determination than any team they played. Their season says it all as they went undefeated.

Not only does this team play like a family, they love their coach like family. Jordan Jaquay has taken this team and put all his sweat and tears into these boys, who love his yelling, laughing and crying.

This team had two players move up to varsity at midseason. Everyone said the JV team would crumble, but they did the exact opposite. They grew closer together and fought harder together.

This team showed everyone that when faced with a challenge, the best thing to do is meet it head on. These 12 young men are the best example of a team.

Great season Ethan, Ryan, Dalton, Andy, Noah, Patrick, Nick, Jeremy, Dean, Cameron, Karl, Townie, and Coach Jaquay.

Jenessa Cummings, Cherry Valley