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August 7, 2010

industry tips

Daily Star

---- — Here are some Industry tips for entrepreneurial musicians. Speaking from personal experience, these tips apply to commercial musicians and to "classical" musicians, as well:

1. You need to study, to practice, to spend a predictable (and significant) amount of time every day becoming a better musician, composer and businessperson. Find good teachers who will help you gain new knowledge, no matter what the stage of your career.

2. Spend the time and do the work to stay healthy. You can't have a lasting career as a musician if you hurt yourself with a steady diet of junk food, controlled substances or lack of sleep. There are no sick days for a performing musician. When you are building you career, you can't say "no" to any legitimate offer of work as a musician.

3. Decide how your professional obligations can co-exist with your personal life. If you have a partner in your personal life, do your best to find one who shares your belief in your professional musical goals.

4. There may be good reasons, but there are no good excuses, for a bad performance. Each rehearsal or performance is an audition for your next job.

5. Despite the most careful preparation, there will be performances that are not as good as you would like. Learn how to find the strength to look ahead to better performances, rather than re-living the anguish you felt at a disappointing performance.

6. Build a list of goals and stay focused on those goals. You can achieve anything you want, but you must have the goal clearly in mind and be faithful to it.

7. Remember that every hour you spend practicing your instrument or singing, or writing your music, is a gift you've given yourself that no one can ever take away from you. Every hour you spend in performance is a magic chance to communicate those things that are unique to you and your audience.

8. Hold on to the intensely joyful moments of music. That joy is central to anyone's life and will help you make sense of anything else that might happen.

9. Music is about truth, love and destiny, and that's why it's so important to everyone. Stay true to your own truth, love and destiny. That's the way to succeed.