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August 12, 2013

Washington has too much power

If one can get past the extreme emotionalism that comprises most of Jim Koury’s July 11 letter, you may see that its last five lines are a microcosm of our nation’s mentality for the last eight decades. That is, how we view government in relation to ourselves. What we think it is, isn’t , and what role our Constitution’s writers really meant Washington to play.

Though many can’t seem to grasp this timeless truth, government is simply a very dangerous thing. It’s essentially like the creature in the original Outer Limits episode, “It crawled out of the woodwork.”

Government has historically been just as terrorizing and murderous. This is its natural bent, because it’s ours. Being civilized just doesn’t come naturally to us. We have to consciously work at it. Dictatorial savagery comes much more easily. And governing is a prime avenue for us to act on this impulse.

Which is why it’s conducive to freedom having government essentially acting as a parent, being our material and emotional support from birth to death. But it seems this is what we want. So I’m not surprised Mr. Koury ended his thoughts with hostility toward the notion of states actually acting independently of


How independent should they be then? Should they be mere provinces of a fully centralized government? For all practical purposes, aren’t they already when about every action has to be cleared with Washington?

Perhaps we should be honest with ourselves and leave out the 10th Amendment, among others, from future printing of the Constitution. Simply send it down the memory hole, as it’s been rendered meaningless by tortured interpretations that promote the idea that this government won’t work unless all power rests firmly in Washington.

Why did the founding generation even bother?

Robert Olejarz


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