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September 18, 2007

On the Right Side: Petraeus shamed his persecutors

Slam dunk. Total success. That's about all you can say about the Gen. David H. Petraeus Iraq war hearings last week. Once again, the public saw a highly competent, professional man of true integrity staying calm during the vicious, mean-spirited personal attacks of the Democrat leadership.

At the same time, he clearly exposed their hypocrisy, ineptitude and disingenuousness as they tried to strut their stuff before the cameras.

Oliver North did the same thing to them 20 years ago, and they didn't learn their lesson one bit. It was actually kind of laughable the way they both outclassed them.

First of all, Bush should completely ignore Democrats' constant calls to change course. He replaced Donald Rumsfeld with Robert Gates and that wasn't enough.

Then he put Petraeus in charge of Iraq operations. That didn't work. Then there was the surge strategy, which was and is operationally successful, but the Dems still weren't happy.

There is nothing at all that Bush could do to appease these radicals and still keep the long-term security of this country intact. They are blinded by their hatred of Bush, still angry that he beat them in two national elections (legally) and they can't get over claiming that we shouldn't have started the war in the first place (wrong again).

What in heaven's name does that have to do with formulating a course of action that will defeat al-Qaida, win this particular battle in Iraq and continue to do everything possible to keep our country safe?

Most people want leaders who will lead us forward with a vision and not dwell in the past. Unbelievably, you see the die-hards who continually write in and chant the same old shallow and tiresome mantra of Bush hatred.

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