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October 31, 2012

Chris Gibson a clear choice for Congress

The Daily Star

---- — We see a clear choice in the race between Chris Gibson and Democrat Julian Schreibman in the new 19th Congressional District.

The Daily Star endorses Gibson, the Republican, Conservative and Independence candidate.

While we are uncomfortable with several of Gibson’s votes while representing the 20th District, particularly on social issues, he has been a responsible and thoughtful member of Congress.

We wish Gibson had different views on such issues as defunding Planned Parenthood, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and his lack of support for women’s reproductive rights. We are also confused by his voting for the onerous Paul Ryan budget in 2011, then becoming one of a very few Republicans to vote against it this year.

However, he has shown himself to be his own man, being regarded by the Washington Post as the third most bipartisan Republican in the House of Representatives.

Gibson had a distinguished and highly decorated 24-year career in the Army, rising to the rank of colonel. He served four combat tours in Iraq, and while he is a member of Congress, is returning his military pension to the U.S. Treasury.

Gibson, apparently on his way to becoming a general, decided he wanted to serve in another capacity. He earned a doctorate in government from Cornell University, and ran for Congress two years ago, winning easily in what was a Republican district in a very Republican year.

This year, the 19th District leans a bit more Democratic. However, any opportunity the Democrats might have had to defeat Gibson has been severely hampered by the quality of their candidate.

We have listened to the arguments of Julian Schreibman and have come away with the impression that he is — to put it bluntly — an empty suit.

Rather than come up with any specific proposals for what he would do as a member of Congress to help our area and the nation, Schreibman’s campaign has consisted almost entirely of ad hominem attacks against Gibson.

In debates and his television advertisements, Schreibman seems content to tell voters what he thinks they want to hear rather than offer a vision for the future. It’s not enough to tell people you are for gun rights and against fracking. It’s not enough to tell folks that your opponent is a bum.

While we are far more comfortable with Schreibman’s positions on social issues, the political adage of “you can’t beat somebody with nobody” applies in this election.

Gibson has worked hard, kept an open mind and — perhaps most impressively — has term-limited himself to serve only eight years in the House.

We see no valid reason to deny him a second term.