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November 3, 2012

Paper shouldn't believe Obama's lies

I am writing in response to the editorial the paper published Oct. 24 regarding the last presidential debate.

Generally, I find your editorial positions Pavlovian, patent and sophomoric. You seem to lack both objectivity and journalistic integrity. Why don’t you simply publish the talking points of the Democratic National Committee? It would save time and ink.

You are not journalists, you are advocates. Yet you lack the courage to reveal your advocacy, so you continue to pretend to report objectively.

Sadly, you are dangerous. The absence of an objective Fourth Estate is a doorway to tyranny. I believe it was Hitler who said, “The greater the lie, the easier it is to make people believe it.”

Regarding your specific editorial assertions, both FactCheck and actual journalists have revealed:

Personnel at the highest levels of the administration knew exactly what was happening in Benghazi in real time yet didn’t act. Obama lied!

In his condescension and sarcasm the President represented that bayonets are rarely used by our military. They are, Obama lied!

Romney’s op-ed regarding the auto bailout did recommend that government-backed financing would be necessary. It is available online. Obama lied!

Incidentally, Obama never saved the auto industry. This propaganda is revisionist history. Ford did just fine without a bailout. Chrysler is now an Italian company. GM went to bankruptcy court to subvert the rule of law. Obama’s intervention removed a non-compliant CEO and replaced him. Creditors and stockholders took a bath. The UAW got a piece of GM ownership on the taxpayers. This has to be the biggest political kickback in history. The UAW gave team Obama $5 million in campaign contributions and got back GM ownership. Not a bad day’s work! 

By the way, GM still owes the taxpayers money. Don’t hold your breath!

Bob Biederman

New Lisbon

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