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November 9, 2012

Most residentsoppose pipeline

The Daily Star

---- — After reading the letter “Pipeline foes have bad manners” in Friday’s Daily Star, it seems apparent that the writer is poorly informed, and was undoubtedly dismayed to learn that most area residents, and nearly all of those who filled the 775-seat Foothills Performing Arts Center at the FERC hearing, oppose the proposed “Constitution” pipeline. Just three people in the first three hours spoke in favor of the pipeline. 

The writer needs to be reminded that high-radon shale-gas is not the only alternative local residents have to fuel oil. In fact, considering that at a population density of 33 people per square mile (in Delaware County), the cost of installing the hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of small delivery lines and the infrastructure required makes supplying gas to the homes of county residents a pure fantasy. 

In more dense population centers like Delhi, Sidney, Walton and Oneonta, this would be more cost-effective. Of course some of these communities are already served with gas — yet another reason the claimed purpose of this pipeline is redundant.

The writer’s weak attempt at linking Otsego County’s “highest percentage of people below the poverty line of any other central New York state county,” with the fact that the county does not have a 30-inch, high-radon, shale-gas pipeline is another poorly formed opinion, and not based on reality.

All that said, it appears that one point Sustainable Otsego and the writer can probably agree on is that a plan is needed to, “Give the people of Otsego much-needed future jobs, tax revenue and clean, affordable energy,” which is something Sustainable Otsego has been working toward since the group’s inception. I suggest the writer educate herself on these issues before offering opinions that are far outside the mainstream.

Mark Pezzati