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December 31, 2013

Attorneys don't always do what you expect

The Daily Star

---- — You pay your lawyer hundreds of dollars to represent you; a difficult amount for a blue-collar worker in this area.

You do the paperwork and bring it directly to the courts yourself. Your attorney goes to court once to reschedule and a second time to meet with the mediator. She then gives her client an agreement favoring the respondent and says “This is how it’s going to be!” She doesn’t argue for anything she and her client agree upon. Where is the representation for her client that paid her fees?

The lesson is first see if you could represent yourself. If not, beware your paid attorney doesn’t always do what is best for you. They take your money and do nothing that was agreed upon, but make your life harder. Mind you, there are attorneys that do what they say; just beware! Some should be on the “naughty list.”

S. Dewey