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February 6, 2014

In Your Opinion: Marcy South battle will be fought again

The Daily Star

---- — They were veterans of the unending battle between the Albany/Power Company alliance and the citizens of Otsego County. There were veterans of the war of Marcy South. They had come out to meet as the thermometer hovered at zero. They told stories of their land being taken, of surveyors invading under cover of darkness, of crops destroyed, of trees clear-cut, of fields which continue to be defoliated and of streams poisoned. They were veterans of the battle of NYRI in 2008. Now the enemy is back. They continue the war between New York City’s wants and Otsego County’s needs. 

When we bought this land, we naively printed, framed and put up a quote from a book called “Hammer, Nail, Wood” by Thomas Glynn. It reads, “We have done our best. Perhaps we have given something of value to this land by building this house … by saying, look, we want to take care of these acres. We ask for a blessing on this house and on our work.”

And we have worked. We have cleared our land, we have built our home and shelters for our animals, we have cultivated our gardens and our fields of berries. We have made good friends, some passed now or moved away, who we treasure.

I use a power wheelchair to get around and I soon discovered that the power lines shut down my chair as I neared the northwest corner of the property. Now the enemy is back. If they build on our side of the current Marcy South easement, our property becomes worthless.

It is my hope that if we cannot stop them. If not, my chair and I will be waiting for them when they come.

Dennis Kelleher

Mount Vision