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January 8, 2014

GOP has duty to oppose Obama's actions

In his recent letter to The Daily Star, W.F. Roberts decries the lack of cooperation of our Congress to the policies of the Obama administration. Mr. Roberts assumes that these policies are all noble and worthy of support. In fact, almost all of the administration’s proposals are harmful and, as his approval ratings indicate, unpopular and deserve to be defeated.

The Affordable Care Act was described by Democratic Senator Max Baucus as a “train wreck.” It was he who participated in writing the law. Shouldn’t congressmen responsibly oppose this dreadful legislation? And as for the president’s cap and trade proposal, he himself stated that enactment would “necessarily make electric rates skyrocket.”

As a senator, President Obama vigorously attacked President Bush for adding $4 trillion to our national debt in his eight years as president, saying it was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic.” In less than five years as president Mr. Obama has increased our debt by $7 trillion.

After the Benghazi scandal, where four Americans, including the American ambassador, were murdered, we were lied to at the beginning about who had been responsible, and no one has ever been prosecuted. In the National Security Agency scandal, Edward Snowden revealed the warrentless surveillance of both foreign and domestic individuals. In the IRS scandal, the IRS targeted people who were political enemies of the administration. All are examples of the incompetence and venal nature of this administration.

When this administration continuously lies to its people and shows its incompetence in both foreign and domestic affairs, it is imperative, indeed the duty of the opposition party, to oppose these destructive actions.

Robert C. Beckman


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