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January 9, 2014

Frack fight isn't really about methods

If I possibly inspired Richard Averett’s Dec. 26 defense of renewable energy, I can say more.

In addition to its political side, the mainstream environmental movement is also about varying degrees of disdain for our species — thinking of, and treating, the race as if it were something capable of little inherent good. Something to be contained, lest it have too much of a negative impact on Earth. And this idea is what’s really behind the fracking issue. It’s never been, or will be, about any particular method of extraction. 

If natural gas could be removed by speaking, or thinking, it out, people like Yoko and Sean Lennon would still be against it. Under no circumstances do they ever want that stuff brought up, simply because its use would contribute to our environmental impact. So I really wish Sean and Yoko would just stop pretending it’s only about finding a safer way. But they have to suspect that solar and wind alone won’t be anywhere near a 21st century power source. 

It even seems that someone so authoritative in the climate change issue as former NASA scientist James Hansen, has expressed the same theme about solar and wind, though in a much different context. I totally disagree with him on the idea that “those energy sources cannot scale up fast enough” to provide the amount of power people will need. The reality of renewable energy is this basic formula; the more we rely on them for the primary source of power, the less unrestricted use of it our current population will have. Only with a populace no higher than existed in perhaps 1600 can you reasonably expect renewable energy to be able to “scale up.”

Otherwise, get ready for significant and extensive austerity.

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