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January 14, 2014

Don't punish unemployed

The Daily Star

---- — De-incentivize, quite a mouthful with or w/o a hyphen. I last heard it from a representative of some people to de-fund, un-fund long-term unemployment benefits, because if we give you a financial handout when times are tough, all you’ll do is use drugs, gamble and waste time on the Internet from your recliner.

A wise judge told Florida that testing people for drug use before allowing them welfare is booooooogus, good. Not so sure how many congressman and radio pundits could pass that test!

I wonder if any unemployed Republican constituents asked their representatives during the recess, “What da…….? Are you doing?” It’s not just them (you know who you are), but us, too. But in many parts of the country the congresspeople no longer answer to the voters, they answer to the vote buyers.

Re: The Koch Brothers secret network.

Unemployment benefits go directly into the economy; the people use it to buy food and shelter, immediate growth.

Look what has happened to recent war veterans who cannot find work after their deployment, PTSD or whatever, and then become homeless, is there any safety net for them, or are also part of the right wings’ “friendly fire?”

Losing benefits does not guarantee that someone will be more motivated to find work, if there are no jobs. The government needs to start more work-sharing programs or tax breaks for companies that seek long-term unemployed people.

Never before have unemployment benefits have to be fully funded, now the right side wants to make sure that no one gets a free ride and of course they want to take it out of Obamacare. Getting rid of that program is all the right cares about; it is their platform, everything else is cannon fodder.

Not so friendly, I’d say, kinda un-American.

Alan Kaplan