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March 10, 2014

In Your Opinion: Column ignored aspect of U.S.-Cuba relations

The Daily Star

---- — I was very surprised that Cary Brunswick’s essay, “It’s time for warmer relations with Cuba,” did not mention the real reason why U.S. relations with Cuba are not warmer. It relates to the electoral votes of the state of Florida and the very large number of Cubans and their descendants in Florida. No presidential candidate wants to alienate this vote. 

An enormous number of Cubans (200,000 or more) fled Castro’s government and came to Florida. They were content to live under the vicious and corrupt Fulgencio Batista dictatorship but not under Castro. 

The Castros have been in power for 55 years. They have done a lot for the average Cuban: the literacy rate is over 90 percent and life expectancy has increased enormously. And they are not egomaniacs. There are no statues of Fidel Castro in Cuba. The only recently erected statue, for reasons unknown, is of Princess Diana. 

Am I a communist sympathizer? No. Neither was Princess Diana. 

Wendell Tripp