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March 29, 2014

In Your Opinion: Pinkey thinks like a caveman

The Daily Star

---- — I’ve just finished reading Chuck Pinkey’s column titled “Obama just isn’t cut out for president.” I’m having a time-machine moment. 

Primitive Pinkey! I picture a little caveman running around, club over his shoulder, and a Glock automatic tucked in his lionskin loincloth.

He’s a happy little guy, as he “knew” that what he believed was correct. He would explore the countryside, following his pet albino fox, with the utmost confidence that they were going the “right” way. 

At this time, 10,000 B.C., there were no other people around to argue the point. Not that Primitive Pinkey would listen to anyone else. He had to be on the lookout for his natural enemy, the saber-toothed liberal. 

Today, the modern-day Pinkey, true to the tradition of his ancestor, knows he’s right. About the horror of living under a Democrat president. About the borders, from which people can invade and destroy our American way of life — oh! Wait a minute ... Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than George Bush. Wait another moment ... We can’t let facts get in the way of Pinkey’s beliefs.

I’ll be 80 this year. I was there during the 1930s and ‘40s when we lived by the rules Pinkey loves — no unions, no minimum wage, no tolerance for those who do not look or act like us, trickle-down economy, money rules, etc. It was not the warm, fuzzy world pictured.

However, perhaps Pinkey will see a tomorrow in which we embrace his political views, and return to those good old days.

If his ancestor, the original Primitive Pinkey, could see him, I’m sure he’d say “Ya done good, Pinkey!”

Bud Hammond

Fly Creek