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October 11, 2013

Eckelmann gets things done right

The Daily Star

---- — I am writing this letter to all residents of the town of Butternuts. I have been married to Charlie Eckelmann for the past 41 years. I know for the past four years he has been your supervisor.

I see daily the good and bad this job brings and the time it takes to do it right. I also know he sleeps very well at night knowing he has done what the people who trust in him want. He is the kind of person that gets things done now, not next year. 

Just look at his record. A code of ethics, a comprehensive plan, a budget last year with no increase in taxes, supported new equipment for the highway department, his time devoted to Copes Corners Park success. 

He listens to the majority; that is why he will not waiver on his position on fracking. He also proposed two moratoriums to protect the town’s assets. He is well-respected by the people he is in contact with from the county, state and other supervisors of towns, and companies that do business with the town.

I should know, as I speak enough times on the phone with them when they call looking for him and usually he is down at the office. He applies what he has learned over the years in finance to save money and make the smart investments for the town. He is retired and gives up other things he could be doing to make the town better.

Look at the past, present and decide what you want for the future. He has been the right man for me for the last 41 years, you should make him the right man for your town for the next two.

Kathy Eckelmann