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June 29, 2013

Jett Industries not telling whole story

The Daily Star

---- — Matt Centofante of Jett Industries is not telling the whole story when he denies that his company’s facility in Colliersville has any connection to hydrofracking in his June 10 letter to the editor. He does not mention that his company is owned by Kiewit, which “has provided construction services to the oil and gas industry for nearly a half century,” according to its website. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on June 5, 2012, that Kiewit was “counting on continued demand for new natural gas and gas liquids and ways to transport them as energy explroers develop new drilling areas.” That means pipelines and hydrofracking, which the “energy explorers” are trying to bring to our backyards. Besides constructing pipelines, Kiewit has worked on BP’s oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, and tar sands mining in Canada. 

Corporations often gain advantage by deceiving people. I believe Kiewit used Jett to trick the Milford Town Board into permitting them to use a site for heavy industrial use on the banks of the Susquehanna that is zoned only for commercial use. Does Jett really expect us to believe they need prime riverfront property hours away from their project in Syracuse, in the heart of pipeline country, to store their equipment? Don’t be fooled. The site will give Kiewit an advantage once fracking is permitted, as they have prepared the site and will be ready to use the area as a pipeline staging area, or to take water from or dump waste into the river on a moment’s notice. 

Kiewit was fined $80,000 for water violations in Arizona. Arizona Department of Water Quality Director Steve Owens stated that “Kiewit’s carelessness contaminated some of Arizona’s most precious water resources.” I stand by my prediction that the site in Colliersville will play a role in the fracking of our countryside. 

Chris Hammond