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October 9, 2012

In Your Opinion: Attorney smeared Fox employees/Obama hasn’t shown enough transparency

The Daily Star

---- — Attorney smeared Fox employees

A recent story that appeared in The Daily Star “Fox Hospital Hit With $126M Verdict” (Oct. 3), contained numerous comments by an attorney that unfairly disparaged many of the hard-working men and women at A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital.

A.O. Fox, our community’s only hospital, has been providing quality care to our families for over 100 years and the dedicated staff deserve better than to be grossly mischaracterized by an out-of-town attorney who stands to gain a large financial windfall from the case, which is now under appeal. As someone that has worked at this institution for nearly 30 years, I can personally attest to the dedication and professionalism our staff.

The healthcare providers who come to work at A.O. Fox every day have one goal — to handle each and every one of the 100,000 patient visits we receive each year with professionalism and care. This institution is a vital part of our community and its health is important to the entire region.

As medical professionals and human beings, we have a deep empathy for everyone who has suffered health issues and certainly understand the role the courts play in making sure justice and fairness are achieved in our society.

However, there was nothing just or fair about the comments directed at our staff in the above-referenced article. Overblown dramatics may be part of how this attorney conducts himself in the courtroom in order to secure the largest verdict, but they should not be used to smear wide swaths of people who only want to make others healthy.

The men and women that work at A.O. Fox are caring, dedicated health care professionals and they deserve better.

Dr. Gerry Falco


Falco is the president of Otsego County Medical Society.


Obama hasn’t shown enough transparency

Just the facts before we choose our destiny. We were promised transparency in 2008 by Obama, but find ourselves trying to look through the lead-lined walls to see what is going on in government.

Our Outsourcer-in-Chief chides Romney but uses tax dollars with abandon, such as paying Russia to taxi our astronauts to the space station we primarily built!

Add $1.2 billion to debt-ridden Sun Power, a solar company that is planning to manufacture solar panels in Mexicali, Mexico; in 2011 $529 million to Fisker Automotive to manufacture the Karma and Nina electric vehicles (coal burners) that were made in Finland.

Why not resurrect the General Motors Unltralite developed about 20 years ago but not in the showroom probably because it delivered 100 mpg, with the diesel version achieving 190 mpg?

The Otsego County chairman of the Democratic committee once said in The Daily Star: “Obama is doing a good job if you take the economy out of the equation.”

My house is on a solid foundation much as a solid economy is the cornerstone of a successful prosperous government. Obama has raised the national debt more than Bush did during two terms with two wars going on and funding the space station and space program.

Obama has the first attorney general to ever have the House vote to hold him in contempt of Congress, regarding operation “Fast and Furious,” which resulted in the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry. But Obama covered his attorney general by citing executive privilege to keep Congress from finding the truth.

Refuse to enforce immigration laws and prevent states from securing their voter rolls, and we will have an election to remember, and the envy of the Chicago political machine!

Edward V. Dawyot

Mount Vision