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February 27, 2013

Pipeline will hurt, one degree at a time

The Daily Star

---- — If the Constitution Pipeline is approved and built (with the power of eminent domain), it’s only a matter of time before the gas companies get here. And then we will be boiled like frogs, one degree at a time. When life becomes intolerable, some of us will leave, if our homes are still sale-able.

Others will adapt, and accept dependence on the gas companies as a necessary condition of industrial living. The noise, the smell, the traffic, the road damage, the “man camps,” the crime, the unaffordable housing, the toxic spills and occasional explosions and lawsuits, the bars, motels and strip clubs, the radioactive waste, the absence of wildlife, will all gradually become just a routine part of daily life.

This is no lurid fantasy concocted by drilling opponents. It’s here right now, in the Bakken oil field towns of North Dakota. Fracking is everywhere and the local economy is booming, and except for the flatness, that’s what we’ll look like in a decade or two.

Those who think all the negative impacts of industrialization and the environmental risks are worth this kind of short-term “prosperity” can try to elect town boards that will invite the gas companies to come in and take over.

But if this is not the life you want for yourself and your community, then say no and help elect a board that will pass a ban on heavy industry to protect your town, as Andes has done.

Even better, join the fight to stop the Constitution Pipeline (online at No pipeline = no drilling. It’s that simple.

But act now. Do nothing, and it’s the gas companies who will decide how we all live, one degree at a time.

Bob Rosen

East Meredith