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March 2, 2013

Don't bow down to liberals' agenda

The Daily Star

---- — Don’t bow down to liberals’ agenda

Why should those who obey our gun laws be penalized and have any guns rights restricted just because of a political agenda from liberal Democrats? Why are so many liberal politicians so naive to think criminals will obey Governor Cuomo’s new gun law? Why don’t these same politicians insist that our current gun laws be aggressively enforced rather than creating new gun laws that will not work, i.e. the previous assault weapons ban? Why does Governor Cuomo classify a semi automatic assault rifle (AR-15) as ones we can’t purchase? Is it because liberals say AR-15s look scary, however, function just like other semi-automatic rifles? New York’s new gun law is another political red herring and another affront to law-abiding gun owners’ 2nd Amendment rights!

According to FBI data since 1994 up to 2011, murder rates have dramatically declined while at the same time gun ownership has increased at a dramatic rate. Despite this trend liberals argue that with fewer guns there will be less crime and violence; the FBI data don’t support their claim. One annual FBI study showed less than .006 percent of murders were committed by AR-15s while as the same time period more people were killed by hammers!

The answer to some of the mass shootings is more community emphasis on preventing those with serious mental illness from obtaining a gun and discouraging Hollywood from producing its violent films and videos! Have you seen some of these videos showing shooting kids at schools and shooting police officers? Unfortunately, the liberals won’t address their Hollywood friends about the junk they produce that is destroying our values. Where is the outrage from our citizens that we accept Hollywood’s violence and the lack of resources for mental health from our politicians?

Jim Burda

Richfield Springs