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March 2, 2013

Taxpayers deserve a say on Manor

The Daily Star

---- — Taxpayers deserve a say on Manor

Something bothers me about the decisions by the Otsego County Board that we ought to have a bigger, better home for the aged. That was a while ago ... I think it was paid for with taxpayer money. (Federal, state and local.) I would think this project would have taken some very serious consideration.

Now the board members, using their expertise, have decided we can’t afford it. Well, maybe they are right, but I think we owe it some serious consideration, and some input from the taxpayers that built the Manor. The folks should have some say on it before one Board member informs the others that we can’t afford it, done deal, no input.

As a resident of Otsego County for years, at the age of 81, I sort of looked forward to spending my old age in a place not far from relatives, friends and others, if needed.

Perhaps we could find an alternative means of funding the Manor such as (bite my tongue) the development of natural gas.

Something is, or was, wrong with the thinking we did, or are doing. Think about it.

Howard Harder