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January 5, 2013

Guns protect us from government

What are the true aims of gun control? It can’t possibly be true that guns are considered the problem. If guns were considered “the problem” then why is it that every solution involves the use of guns?

Think about it. What actually happens under a system of “gun control?” Do the “authorities” not invoke the right to use guns when they forcefully confiscate your guns? What was the national guard ordered to do in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Confiscate all firearms from the citizenry.

What were they using when they appeared at the homes of peaceful individuals? Guns, and not just your standard six-shot revolver; but military-issued assault rifles as well as semi-automatic handguns.

So again, what are the true aims of gun control? It can’t possibly be guns, because the people who are demanding we give up guns tend to support the most armed institution in society; the state. So this can’t be about guns.

I know this may be uncomfortable to hear for many lefty-statists out there; but it’s the truth so it deserves to be said. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control. Namely the state holding control over you!

There was a specific reason why the Bill of Rights has the “right to bear arms” clearly spelled out. It had nothing to do with hunting or being able to collect old relic guns. It had everything to do with ensuring the citizenry (not the government) would be armed well enough to defend themselves as sovereign individuals.

All I ask of you gun-control supporters is stop arguing in vague terms and say what you mean.

You support the violent removal of guns from the hands of peaceful citizens through the means of government.

Dan Rorick


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