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February 9, 2013

Cuomo fruit didn't fall far from the tree

The Daily Star

---- — A knee-jerk response is exactly what gun ban activists got as Sen. Seward said what would happen in response to a tragedy. Career politician Gov. Andrew Cuomo shut down opposition the same as Pelosi with Obamacare. 

Cuomo made sure he didn’t let a tragedy or crisis go to waste when it might have White House possibilities in 2016 at the cost to law-abiding citizens and not looking into society in general as the problem and trying to fix it. Criminals, as history has shown, will never have a problem and may have easier pickings as people slowly have their rights rescinded.

Cuomo’s handling of Hurricane Sandy made one wonder how he especially berated the Long Island Power Authority’s slow, incompetent response to power outages until he found out it was a state agency, actually formed by his father. 

Cuomo Sr., in a political move, bankrupted the Long Island lighting company and nearly did the same to Niagara Mohawk by quickly shutting down Shoreham Nuclear Powerhouse, as it was generating cheap limited power but was soon due for full output approval. Instead, he bailed out Hydro-Quebec in Canada with the Marcy South Line — the same that Anthony wants to do with Indian Point with the Champlain line from Canada, who could use the jobs lost in New York. 

Let Anthony ask Mario why the Thruway Authority can’t fund a new Tappan Zee Bridge and he will find the tolls that would have done it were squandered on the state canal system and other roads, ignoring future consequences.

At election time, remember to put opportunity-seeking politicians on line “E” so they get to feel how the peasants and subjects get by paying their salaries, exorbitant taxes and fees.

Edward V. Dawyot

Mount Vision