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February 16, 2013

Gay leaders would be death of Scouting

The Daily Star

---- — One would think the Boy Scouts would have learned a lesson from the Catholic Church. The truth about the crisis involving so-called “pedophile priests” is that most of the instances of sexual abuse involved not young children, but adolescents. The abuse was not pedophilia, but ephebophilia — abuse of young, adolescent males.

The church is still paying — both financially and in loss of credibility and trust — for that mess. In the 1960s, I was acquainted with a monsignor in the Archdiocese of New York who was responsible for dealing with problems in seminaries. Even back then, he told me that homosexuality was a serious problem in Catholic seminaries.

It only got worse over the years, apparently. Priests had a fertile field in which to find targets of opportunity — altar boys, choir boys, students — and had their position of trust to help them. Well, here it is 2013 and the Boy Scouts of America are considering accepting openly homosexual scoutmasters and Scouts.

What a great idea! They can all go camping together, and shower together, and sleep in tents together. This will be even easier than it was for the Catholic priests! What responsible parents would consider sending their boy on a camping trip with an avowed, practicing homosexual? This will be the death of Boy Scouting.

Helen Reilly

Davenport Center