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February 14, 2013

Abortion 'services' linked to cancer

The Daily Star

---- — Debra Marcus, director of Family Planning of South Central New York, recently denounced referenced information from verifiable scientific studies linking abortion to breast cancer as “a scare tactic.”

Does Ms. Marcus know of documented studies which disprove the link? If so, where are they? Does Ms. Marcus have a medical background? The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, founded by an experienced breast cancer surgeon, lists more than 30 studies indicating a link between abortion and breast cancer at

In another Daily Star article, Ms. Marcus implied that abortion is a “service.” Dismembering babies in the womb is a “service” for whom? Certainly abortion is of no benefit to babies, and many women who resort to abortion admit being coerced by a boyfriend, “counselor” or family member. What of the more than 500 women who have died in this country from so-called “safe and legal” abortion?

She “assured us” that Family Planning of South Central New York is “totally committed to ensuring the full range of women’s reproductive choice, including making sure there is accessible, affordable abortion.” Nothing has changed there. Removing Planned Parenthood from the name has not changed the agenda.

Would Ms. Marcus also deny the known link between the birth control pill and breast cancer? In 2005, the World Health Organization declared the pill to be a No. 1 category carcinogen. This puts the pill in the same category as cigarette smoking and asbestos. Sadly, more than 80 percent of women in their fertile years are on the pill, and we wonder why the breast cancer rate is so high.

The so-called reproductive “health” services offered by Family Planning of South Central New York are anything but healthy

Jean Naples


Naples is president of Central New York Coalition for Life