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March 22, 2013

War illustrates danger of multi-round guns

The Daily Star

---- — War illustrates danger of multi-round guns

I am a combat veteran of World War II and I am grateful that the Germans, like us, had only single-shot rifles with small clips and they tended to be lousy shots. Had they had multi-shot assault weapons like those so disputed now, I would be dead. They could have just sprayed the area as the killer in Connecticut did with those children. Those guns make killing so easy.

I fail to see why any rational person would oppose a ban on such guns. I think that anyone who does oppose such a ban will bear a share in the guilt for the next massacre.

Congratulations to Gov. Cuomo and those legislators who voted for the new gun control law in New York state.

Let’s hope that other states follow suit.

Howson A. Hartley