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September 19, 2013

New Lisbon spending is out of control

The Daily Star

---- — I was at a New Lisbon town board meeting and the supervisor announced the books did not agree and wanted permission from the board to adjust the books. All voted in favor. Not one board member questioned the amount of difference. I didn’t tell many people about this; it would have been my word against five board members. I had a friend look at the town website and could not find a thing about this.

I thought if I recorded town meetings, I could stop this sort of activity. I was wrong. Three board members voted for the higher fuel bid. (This can be seen on YouTube under “New Lisbon, N.Y.”)

From Aug. 14, 2012, through July 19, the New Lisbon Town Board had 19 regular and special meetings. Councilman Robert Eklund and Glen Noto were absent for about half of these meetings. If you showed up for work half the time, would you still get paid?

The towns of Hartwick and Laurens have about double the population of New Lisbon, yet New Lisbon pays its town clerk tax collector more. The Laurens supervisor gets paid less than New Lisbon.

The town tax portion of the 2004 land tax bills shows that the town tax is up 50.6 percent. 

The last few years, New Lisbon has had three planners, all from OCCA. Board member Ed Lentz’ wife is president of OCCA.

I can remember how New Lisbon use to be, before Supervisor Taylor and his spending buddies took over the town.

Joseph Gregory 

Mount Vision

*Editor's note Gregory is seeking election to the New Lisbon Town Board. This information was not included with this letter at the time of publication.