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December 6, 2013

Safety Track should pay taxes, fines

The Daily Star

---- — Apparently Mountain Top Airfield, the parent company of New York Safety Track, finds it easier to pay for a full page ad than to pay for its school and property taxes. Mountain Top Airfield, which owns the land on which New York Safety Track runs, has brought legal action against the town of Harpersfield and the Charlotte Valley School District to cut its assessment taxes in half. 

David Lubinitsky is the owner of Mountain Top Airfield LLC; Greg Lubinitsky is the track’s general manager. They share the same address in Forest Hills. If Mountain Top’s assessment taxes are cut in half, the rest of us will pay the difference. This will not only affect Harpersfield taxpayers, but all of Charlotte Valley School District taxpayers. 

It seems to me that Mountain Top Airfield, and by extension New York Safety Track, should be proud to pay their fair share of assessment taxes. 

Actions speak louder than words. According to a statement signed by Davenport Supervisor Dennis Valente, New York Safety Track has not paid for road repairs to the tune of $12,276 despite an agreement it signed promising to reimburse the town by July 15. 

As part of the agreement Mr. Lubinitsky made with the town of Harpersfield, the track was not supposed to allow unlicensed, uninsured and unregistered cars on the racetrack. Despite being ticketed by the Harpersfield Code Enforcer, New York Safety Track has not yet paid a fine. 

In their advertisements, New York Safety Track and Mountain Top Airfield LLC pose as our saviors. In their actions, they sue us, try to cut their taxes, violate signed agreements with local governments and ignore local ordinances. That is the true face of New York Safety Track. 

Kitty Ballard


Ballard is a councilwoman-elect for the town of Davenport.