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December 6, 2013

Dems, not GOP, caused the shutdown

The Daily Star

---- — Dems, not GOP, caused the shutdown

My God, will we ever see a truthful report by the left liberal media? Ever? The latest tirade against Republicans and the tea party element is just such a case. 

Fact No. 1: It was “Obummer” who repeatedly said he would NOT negotiate or compromise ... not one bit. 

Fact No. 2: It was Harry Reid who changed the rules to 50 votes rather than the majority 60 and for the last years, including the first term, has allowed NO discussion, vote or investigation for the GOP. In both the Senate and House, several proposals were sent over and never allowed to see the light of day.

So who caused the shutdown? The ignorant public reads your bias and lies and that becomes their view and vote.

Sam, I am a “zany” because I believe in limited, less-intrusive government, and stop taxing, stop spending, obey the Constitution? By that reasoning, you, sir, would be a “commie.”

We can only pray that some day the press, formerly the guardian of liberty, returns to the American people.

Jeanne Bridger