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April 13, 2013

Fracking is safe, worth the risk

The Daily Star

---- — Fracking has been a topic of debate in New York state for some time now. “Poll: Opposition to fracking rising” (March 22) showed that state voters oppose fracking 46 to 39 percent. This is concerning, because people are opposing it without being fully informed.

Fracking is not only an opportunity for property owners in New York, but for the public as well.

It would drop natural gas prices, create job opportunities and increase income in the community. Sadly, there are individuals that only see the negatives about the process and thus jump to the conclusion that it is extremely unsafe.

These people need to get the full story.

Hydraulic fracturing starts by drilling down into the ground well past the aquifer. Once drilled, a steel tube is lowered into the ground and cemented into place. This creates an impermeable seal that keeps any materials from entering the aquifer. The drill then goes back into the well and begins drilling horizontally in the layer of shale. The drill is then removed and fracking fluid, which is about 99 percent nontoxic water and sand, is pumped into the well.

The pressure from the fluid makes the shale fracture, releasing the gas it contains. The fluid is then removed from the well, and used again on a new well.

I can understand why some are worried about this issue. No one wants any harm to individuals or the environment. Yes, there are risks, but people need to understand that this is a precise and highly regulated procedure.

When done correctly, it’s been to be proven to be very safe.

So the next time you think fracking is nothing but bad news, look at the facts. It’s safe and gets the money flowing.

That’s a great opportunity you don’t just throw aside.

John Janitz Jr.

Mount Vision