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August 14, 2013

Fracking is best answer for energy needs

The Daily Star

---- — I take this occasion to follow the advice of an old friend Earl Boyd and write a letter concerning fracking. Like Mr. Boyd, I do not have a pony in the show and own no land which could benefit from gas or oil leasing. 

Last week I spent some time driving in the gas-producing area in Pennsylvania, visiting with people and driving to development sites, including one drilling operation in progress. The only complaint we heard was about the increased truck traffic. The sites were very well organized and clean. Devastation was nowhere visible. 

I feel some of the complaints about fracking are like blaming Chobani for the curves on state Route 8. We need to realize that the modern civilization we all enjoy is based on energy produced by fossil fuels. An early supporter of the fracking technology was the Sierra Club, which welcomed the progress that allowed one well site to replace the forest of well sites as seen in Midland, Texas, and Bakersfield, Calif.

Turning every issue into a political problem will not serve us well in the long run.

Gerard Bourgeois