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March 7, 2013

County board needs to do its job

The Daily Star

---- — County board needs to do its job

Well, rack one up for the little guy! The courts curtailed the autocratic behavior of the intemperate county board members. 

Some comments made by board members were: “underhanded,” “tricky,” “the state wanting counties out of the nursing home business” and “taxes increase 20 to 40 percent.” Oh yes, and my favorite: “contract.” 

What is “underhanded and tricky” are private meetings and decisions without public knowledge.

How about the contracts? Deputies are three years in arrears. What’s taking so long? What would happen if you were three years behind in your work? You actually need to meet with all parties to get the job done.

The board are not only three years behind in contract talks with the deputies, but won’t even talk to the rest of the county workers, which are more than a year in arrears because we are making so much money and benefits that we need to give some back. The way the county has accomplished this is by cutting back and unfunding full-time jobs and hiring part-time only. 

Part-time people have no benefits. Their health insurance is so egregious, it’s unaffordable, and we have more part-time people than full-time. Board members have to pay some toward their health insurance — 5 percent (almost $900 yearly) FOR LIFE. Part-timers pay 50 percent ($8,000-plus) yearly while working.

So, elected board members, start talking to your constituents. Open discussions when the public can be there, not at 10 a.m. You were elected to do a job in accordance with the law. Be truthful without being underhanded, tricky or bending the truth (like talking about increasing taxes by 20 to 40 percent and CSEA being the problem) to create fear for the county taxpayers.

M. Hoffman