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October 26, 2013

Police acting arrogant, dangerous

The Daily Star

---- — Police acting arrogant, dangerous

Nationwide and locally, police have become arrogant, demanding, obnoxious and actually dangerous. Police chased and killed a young man on a motorcycle in Iowa because he “would not stop.” Police chased and killed a young mom in Washington, D.C. because she “would not stop.”

Local police invaded my house in July 2011 because they claimed they “smelled something.” A state trooper stopped me last November, pretending that I was using a cell phone, and there was actually no cell phone in the car. He made me wait while he checked my license, searching for problems, then finally admitted, “I can’t find any violation.” 

City police violated my rights in May 2012 because they listened to Board of Education personnel, instead of checking the laws governing my actions and my freedom of speech. One policeman said, “Are you resisting arrest?” Would he have punched me like one policeman hit the man on Market Street a year ago?

Police are demanding and taking more power, claiming it’s for public safety. Police want to intimidate us, pretending it’s for “protection.” Five police forces travel in Oneonta: city, town, county, state and university police forces. Some claim varied police stop here only for Starbucks on campus, but any of them can call the local police with “jurisdiction” if they “perceive a potential crime.”

I have personally experienced abuse, malice, by several police officers.

City council wanted more police? Mike Lynch said, “Business is booming?!” When police arrested a man on a horse, or arrested a person who is mentally ill and standing on the railroad track, or moved me from from a legitimate electioneering position, is that justified police action? Police are attempting to justify their existence with harassment and deadly force.

Act lawfully, but refuse intimidation. Take names.

Denise Michelson